Spirit + Erasmus 2022 Newsletter

IPB University team has been developing existing curricula both in postgraduate and undergraduate programs. The curriculum developed under the postgraduate program is the Sport Nutrition course, and this course is done in the second semester of the program. The main learning outcome of the curriculum is to understand the role of nutrition in achieving optimum fitness beyond health not only for athletes but also for people in general, specifically by understanding: 1) the concept of fitness; 2) fitness physiology and fitness measurement (body composition); 3) energy balance and weight management; 4) nutrition for fitness; 5) nutrition for physical performance; 6) exercise and optimal health; and 7) nutrition for sport fitness.

The Sports Nutrition course is also developed under the undergraduate program. The main difference is laying under the subjects learned to achieve the main learning outcome, which is by understanding: 1) the concept and transfer of energy (including the measurement of energy expenditure); 2) the pulmonary system; 3) the cardiovascular system; 4) the muscular system and bones for sports; 5) physical fitness and its measurement; 6) nutritional strategies for optimal sports performance; and 7) nutrition for specific sports.

The second course developed under the undergraduate program is the IPB Sport, which is done in the first and second semesters when students are still in the General Competency Education Program. The main learning outcome is to make students understand the importance of sports and apply sports in their daily lives.

IPB University also participated in the Survey and Report with Recommendations for Implementation of the SPIRIT Work Package (WP 1.3) coordinated by Prof. Dina Keumala Sari from Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU). IPB University contributed to the WP by distributing a needs assessment questionnaire to sports nutrition communities around West Java and Jakarta area. This activity was done around May to June 2021.

To develop the existing courses, IPB University is planning to procure equipment with support from the Erasmus+ SPIRIT project. The equipment proposed by IPB University are: 1) treadmill track; 2) indirect calorimeter; 3) strength multigym; 4) heart rate sensor; and 5) sit & reach test. All equipment proposed is needed to modernise the existing sports nutrition lab so that students can better understand the subjects they are learning by conducting hands-on experiments.